Express Mindful Childbirth Classes


Inspired by Birthing From Within, this 8-hour express childbirth class is designed for those couples who would like a more mindful birth class in one sweet express class!

It covers the essential topics related to childbirth preparation PLUS the heart stuff. Parents walk away with confidence in themselves and a deeper connection to their babies and the birth process.

Parents in this childbirth class will learn about:

  • The stages of labor + what it might look like/ Physiology + Hormones of birth

  • Labor + birth positions

  • Useful breath-centered pain-coping practices

  • Hospital Interventions + when they might be necessary

  • How to mindfully birth by Cesarean

  • Pushing + early postpartum

*Class includes a 45 minute lunch break*

Express Mindful Childbirth Class Dates

At the Mama'hood

in Denver

September 23rd (I MORE SPACE remaining!)

October 21st

December 16th

Do these dates not work for you due to scheduling conflicts or weekend getaways?

Did you know that you could have a private birth class that caters to you, your needs and your schedule/availability? 

I offer private birth classes as packages or at an hourly rate. I offer the opportunity to GO DEEPER in your birth preparation with focused personal attention, insightful questions and I come to you in your home.

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Reach out, let's make it work so you feel supported + prepared for the birth of your baby and you as parents! 


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