Express Mindful Childbirth Classes


Inspired by Birthing From Within, this 8-hour express childbirth class is designed for those couples who would like a more mindful birth class in one sweet express class!

It covers the essential topics related to childbirth preparation PLUS the heart stuff. Parents walk away with confidence in themselves and a deeper connection to their babies and the birth process.

Parents in this childbirth class will learn about:

  • The stages of labor + what it might look like/ Physiology + Hormones of birth

  • Labor + birth positions

  • Useful breath-centered pain-coping practices

  • Hospital Interventions + when they might be necessary

  • How to mindfully birth by Cesarean

  • Pushing + early postpartum

*Class includes a 45 minute lunch break*

At the Mama'hood in Denver

2019 Dates for Express Childbirth Class

  • October 20th

  • November 17th

2020 Dates to be added soon!

Do these dates not work for you due to scheduling conflicts or weekend getaways?

Did you know that you could have a private birth class that caters to you, your needs and your schedule/availability? 

I offer private birth classes as packages or at an hourly rate. I offer the opportunity to GO DEEPER in your birth preparation with focused personal attention, insightful questions and I come to you in your home.

Would you like to discuss the options?


Reach out, let's make it work so you feel supported + prepared for the birth of your baby and you as parents! 


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