Labor of Love: the Yoga of Childbirth


Upcoming Class Date: June 2nd

Are you curious how you might use your yoga practice to support you in labor? Do you want a space to connect with your breath, really set intention for your birth and dive deeper into what that might look like? Do you want more tools to support you in labor?

This 3-hour class will be just the place to do all of that! 

Join Rebecca, a Mindful Childbirth educator and prenatal yoga instructor for over 6 years as she guides you through this unique yoga and birth class to discover how your practice of yoga can support you as you prepare for childbirth, during labor and birth, and as you begin your journey as a mother. We will practice those postures that encourage your baby to get into the best possible birth position while relieving common pregnancy discomforts. And you will learn several ways to use your breath practice in your pregnancy and during birth and to help bring calm, presence and joy to your labor. 

We will spend time connecting with your birth intentions and what motivates you toward them, as well as a conversation about using yoga's philosophies to work with worry + the unexpected in birth.

You will walk away from this class reconnected to your yoga practice, your baby and your breath! 

Investment: $55.00