2018 was a fabulous year for

Embracing the Mother Retreats!

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WHY do a Mom Retreat?

THIS healing mama's retreat is designed with the needs and heart of a postpartum & seasoned mama in mind. We believe that every mama needs a break from her daily life as a mom to let go and relax into the moments, to not have to DO anything if you don’t want to….and most importantly, to nurture your mama body and heart in a way that reconnects you to YOUR "why"....

Why YOU matter...why your heart needs nourishing...why you do all that you do!

So come with us and indulge in what your body and heart are asking of you! Nourish that inner woman!

Take this time to be with yourSELF...the woman beneath all the roles you magically play and rediscover silence, reflection, laughter, + your powerful body that was home to your beautiful babies.

Throughout this inspiring retreat weekend, you will have the opportunity to:


This mom retreat is designed for the woman who wants to move, stretch, soak AND deeply rest. There will be a great blend of power + restorative yoga, hiking + relaxing and connecting with other moms!

You will also gain time to reactivate or cultivate your mama meditation practice. We will offer tools for how to integrate meditation + self care practices into your everyday life to support you as you do the mom thing. You will leave the weekend with ways to reintegrate into your non-retreat life back home with more ease and joy.




Enjoy ample quiet time for contemplation and inner work.

Enjoy time engaging in a meaningful, meditative mala bracelet that will allow you to take a reminder of your intentions of retreating into your home life with you.

Pamper yourself - you’ll have the opportunity to sign up for a massage, and other spa treatments, as well as just relaxing in the many spaces at in nature, serene and rejuvenating!

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This Mama Retreat Includes:

  • Multiple yoga classes

  • Guided mindfulness meditation and Yoga

  • Mom-focused meditations

  • Multiple hiking Opportunities

  • QUIET time to yourself to do whatever you want!

  • All organic chef-prepared meals and luxurious accommodations

Sample Mama Retreat Schedule


Meditation/Quiet Time in Yoga Room

Group Organic Vegetarian Breakfast

Group Circle + Mala bead Bracelet Creation

Mama-focused yoga class

Free Time

Chef-prepared Lunch




Personal Time - (to: get a massage/spa treatment, journal, sleep/rest)

Group Chef Prepared Vegetarian Dinner

Guided meditation and restorative yoga

*Above schedule is just a sample - you'll have to join us to find out what the experience will be for all three days!