Mama’s New Moon Spring Yoga + Meditation Retreat

in Buena Vista, Colorado

April 5-7, 2019

*Space for 9 mamas!*

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The new moon has always been regarded as a time of new beginnings and initiation. It is the time to plant a seed of what you want to grow in your life. As the moon grows, so does your intention or goal until the full moon.


As a mama, we need a reminder that we get to start fresh every day. As days and nights become more dynamic in motherhood, mamas need a more flexible approach to the way we move in the world that creates more self compassion and allows space for grace.

Ever wonder why certain times of the month, you feel more in the flow and others, it’s hard to get things done? Do you desire to have more understanding of how the moon cycle affects you and your family and how to harness and befriend it verses against it? Are you looking forward to getting away, taking time for your mama heart and reflecting on what you want to manifest?

The New Moon is a great time to manifest and create! Our retreat will take place on the first new moon of Spring - a time of fertility, growth, rebirth, and creation!

You will have ample time to rest, replenish, go within, rework your intentions, dream your dreams for the future and tap into the hope that anything is possible. Let’s seed our intentions together and create possibilities and watch them grow as all of nature begins to move into it's time of rebirth.

Start fresh this spring with a mama-focused retreat that focuses on living in harmony with your cycle, the lunar cycle and the seasons.

Join us for this intimate, sweet spring retreat that is all inclusive, all relaxing and always rejuvenating!

Retreat Timeframe:

The Retreat goes from Friday night at 4pm to Sunday at 12pm.

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This Magical Mama Retreat Includes:

  • Beautiful Shared Accommodations for two nights

  • All Organic Vegetarian meals

  • Lunar Flow, Detoxing, & Renewing Yoga Classes

  • Classes on syncing your life with the moon and your menstrual cycle

  • Group Soak at Mount Princeton Hot Springs

  • Morning guided meditations & journalling

  • Guided Walking meditations/hiking

  • Ample QUIET time to yourself to do whatever you want!

  • Pamper yourself - Sign up for a massage, and other spa treatments at **Mount Princeton Hot Springs, just a short drive from the luxury cabin, or just relax in the many spaces in nature that are serene and rejuvenating!

    **We will be doing a group soak there on Saturday!

    Not Included in the Retreat:

    • Travel to/from Buena Vista

    • Spa Treatments

*Payment plans are possible with this retreat!

Please reach out if you would like to come and would like this option! **


Sample Mama Retreat Schedule


Walking Meditation


Mama-focused yoga class

Free time




Group Soak at Mount Princeton Hot Springs

Personal Time - (to: get a massage/spa treatment, journal, sleep/rest)

Group Vegetarian Dinner

Free time

*Above schedule is just a sample - you'll have to join us to find out what the experience will be for all three days!