Weekly Prenatal Yoga Classes with Rebecca

Whether you are joining me in the flow of my regular classes or interested in my special class offerings, this is the place! And check back often for upcoming workshop and opportunities to practice with me!

Rebecca is the perfect mix of yoga devotion and wise cracking, which I love. I love that mamas have a place to laugh at ourselves, share our misery and joy and get our bodies moving when we need it the most.
— Stephanie Zakhem, amazing mama of 2

Weekly Prenatal Yoga:

Prenatal Yoga


at the mama'hood Denver

Saturdays at 9:15am





TESTIMONIAL by Stephanie Zakhem

Longtime student and amazing mother of 2

"Why I do yoga with Rebecca?

My journey and appreciation with yoga started with Rebecca. I came to Rebecca’s class after moving to the area when I was about 3 months pregnant. Unfortunately, I didn’t find Rebecca’s class until about 30 weeks. I really didn’t know anyone in the area or have idea about this motherhood gig that I was about to start. Rebecca and her class filled that void for me. First, Rebecca is kind, sweet and warm, all the things I needed right at the moment in my life. I need a safe space to deal with all the transitions in my life. Rebecca realized that and allowed me the space to cry, laugh, joke and process as I needed. Not what you expect in a yoga class but it is perfect. I found that yoga helps with all the processing. Not only could I heal my mind and heart, I could relieve the aches and pains of pregnancy and postpartum. I connected with Rebecca on so many levels. Her classes are not too serious, but serious enough that you walk out feeling connected to something bigger – whatever it may be that week. My husband always asks me when I come home from her class – “who did you dedicate your practice to today?” I love that he understands that, as he says, “yoga is sacred.” Rebecca is the perfect mix of yoga devotion and wise cracking, which I love. I love that mamas have a place to laugh at ourselves, share our misery and joy and get out bodies moving when we need it the most.

I came back to Rebecca’s class exactly 6 weeks postpartum. I couldn’t stay away. I needed that outlet. I also needed her knowledge. Aside from teaching yoga, Rebecca is also a postpartum doula. She taught me about all the changes my body was going through and how to exercise safely after having a baby. I had no idea about diastisis recti or separation until I went to her class. She is patient and explains the best way to safely heal your body. It is not about “getting your body back” after a baby. It is about safely healing your body and your soul. Every mama needs that.

It is also very much about processing your birth experience. I remember sitting in Rebecca’s car after yoga one day while she patiently listened to my birth story for about an hour. I had no idea at the time, but that is part of the process. Rebecca encourages that and understands its role in the birth experiences. The idea of the birth experience, wherever you are in the birth journey, is present in all of her classes. No matter where you are that day (in your mind, body, heart or birth process), Rebecca brings you to your mat and into yourself. I joke with Rebecca that I cry more in her class than anywhere else. I have the space to be free and process al that is going on around me.

I came back to Rebecca for my second pregnancy. Having done other yoga classes in between, I find that Rebecca is the one for me. I honestly enjoy her laughter and the fact that she doesn’t take it all so seriously. Yes, yoga is sacred. But yoga is also fun. Prenatal yoga is about community and finding other moms to connect to. That is what Rebecca’s class provided for me – a community to share my dark days and my happiness. A place where I won’t be judged for falling over in tree pose or spending more time in child’s pose. I know that I can always do what feels right in my body and, do it with an open heart.