JULY 21-23, 2017



Congratulations & Welcome!

Having a baby is life-changing. From the moment you learn you're having a baby, a new world begins to unfold before you. It is a journey that is both exciting and challenging - unlike any other you embark on. And the beauty of it is that there is no right way to prepare for birthand thus no way to get it wrong. Every parent's experience is their own and requires that they really investigate, understand, & get curious about what they might need to birth their babies.

And the beauty is - each birth story is as unique your baby is...and your way through it will matter to you as a parent. 

My mission is to support parents to become the most confident, self-compassionate, loving and competent parents they can be through mindful birth & yoga classes & thoughtful discussions with one another.

How might I support you?

Upcoming Childbirth Classes

Express Mindful Birth Classes

  • Denver - June 25th
  • Lafayette - July 9th

3-Week Birthing From Within Class

  • Denver - July 12th (Waitlist)
  • Lafayette - starting June 1st (still available)

Praise for Rebecca's Classes

"I want to thank you for the Mindful Birth express class on Sunday. [My husband] and I really enjoyed it, and we feel a lot more confident and excited about the birth process. We've been doing the meditations all week, and are happy to have new tools to keep us centered. Thank you for giving us such a positive and empowering experience." - A Mom's Space parents

"[We] are so grateful to Rebecca for the immense teaching and mentoring leading up to this occasion.  Our confidence in the birth process and our ability to work as a team was truly made possible by this class.  We walked away from the birth feeling so satisfied and content with all of the decisions we made." - Mama'hood parents


I know it's an important decision which childbirth class you take and who you hire as a postpartum doula... I get it!

Let's connect & discover how we might work together!