Birthing From Within®

Childbirth Preparation Classes

In Denver, Colorado

Are you seeking a meaningful way to prepare for the birth of your baby?


My Birthing From Within® Childbirth Preparation classes provide expecting parents with specific tools and mindsets to move through the unknowns of labor with confidence, awareness and compassion.

You know intuitively that birth preparation isn't just about learning the nuts and bolts - although that is a part of it!

Preparing to meet your baby is also about preparing to step into your new role as a parent. It's emotional, psychological and physical preparation that takes courage, curiosity and patience. 

My Birthing From Within Birth childbirth classes are designed to meet you wherever you are and however you feel about labor, birth and welcoming a new baby. I offer thoughtful, non-judgmental guidance through questions, reflection and experiential learning in class.

Inspired and influenced by the landmark books by author and visionary, Pam England -  Birthing From Within & Ancient Maps for Modern Birth as well as Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth, Expecting Better and many more, Rebecca's classes are solution-oriented, experiential and useful in guiding parents through what they will need to birth mindfully.

My classes are inclusive, exploratory, and compassionate and I welcome all variations of family structures and viewpoints.

Rebecca is really good at what she does. It is clear that she is passionate about the birthing process and is very knowledgeable in the _Birthing from Within_ modality. The class helped me to feel more settled and co.jpg

Rebecca's 4-week Birthing From Within

Childbirth Preparation Classes cover:

  • Mindful, breath-centered pain-coping practices, useful to BOTH parents during labor and birth

  • The stages of labor + what it might look like emotionally, physically, & psychologically

  • Exploring & supporting birth partner's role as the guardian of the birth space including offering ways they may support mamas and themselves through each stage of the process

  • Hands-on practice for physical comfort in labor including labor and birth positions and using a Rebozo

  • How to ask questions of + get information from care providers & create a supportive birth environment WITH them by creating a Birth Preference List - learning what it is and isn’t!

  • Medical pain-relief, including the Epidural + how to know when those options might be helpful+ compassionate.

  • Cesarean birth options/Family-Centered Cesarean plans

  • Birth, pushing + how to use your breath & body to guide your baby out

  • Immediate postpartum care (entire family)

  • Setting up a postpartum plan + entering life as a family with support


Curious what Birthing From Within Classes might be like?

Here are a few practices guided by our beloved Pam England, the creator of Birthing From Within and author of Ancient Map for a Modern Birth, Labryinth of Birth and Birthing From Within!

 Upcoming 4-week

Birthing From Within® Childbirth Classes


 Wednesdays from 6-9pm


  • Wednesdays October 16 - November 6

  • **Sundays  December 8-29th 5-8pm**

**2020 Dates to be announced soon!**

Sliding scale and payment plans are always an option!

Please reach out for these options!)

 Praise for Rebecca's Classes

"I just wanted to pop in and say thank you. You came to our house for a private birthing class and we learned so much. I had a great home birth, and got to catch my baby myself. We went into the birth with no fear and just let ourselves experience it all and now we will forever treasure this memory.  My FAVORITE thing to use during my contractions was the rebozo! [My husband] was a master at it & it helped so much! Thanks to you!!" - Private Session Mama


[We] are so grateful to Rebecca for the immense teaching and mentoring leading up to this occasion.  Our confidence in the birth process and our ability to work as a team was truly made possible by this class.  We walked away from the birth feeling so satisfied and content with all of the decisions we made. - Mama'hood parents

"The birth experience was beautiful and perfect and everything I could have ever wished for. My water broke at midnight and [our baby] was in my arms at 4:49 a.m. I felt empowered and guided throughout the entire experience. I didn't use any medication and while pain was all encompassing, [we] used all of the tools that we practiced in your class. I remember using Edges the most. There was nothing that could prepare us, though, for the huge wave of love... it's indescribable. She's amazing. Thank you, Rebecca. For all of your guidance." - Mama'hood Parents

“We do indeed feel prepared for the birth.  I'm glad we took your class relatively early - now we have some time to reflect on what we learned... It was a great way for us to connect us a couple too - we feel we learned some valuable tools for being a team during the birth.  We missed having class last week!” - Mama'hood parents

"Rebecca demystified the birthing process for my partner and I, and I feel confident and empowered that I will be able to have the best birthing experience possible because of the training and information she provided."  - Christine & Mark, Lafayette