Embracing the Mother's

Yoga & Meditation Retreats for Mothers

Iā€™m so glad I had this experience as I step into motherhood. I learned some great tools for postpartum care and loved the community of mothers. Thank you ladies for a thoughtful and memorable retreat! I totally appreciated your motherly wisdom and love.
— ETM Summer Retreat Mama

I loved the setting and closeness to home. It made it very easy to commit to a trip away from my baby for the first time. I could see doing it again and again!
Best part was the chance to bond and connect with other mamas.
— ETM Summer Retreat Mama
Photos by Melissa Rich Photography

Photos by Melissa Rich Photography


Embracing the Mother Retreat was amazing for so many reasons.  Several months ago, I felt compelled to attend a spiritual retreat to bond with my growing baby.   It was a very strong calling, and my baby and I knew it was time to start this spiritual journey with Rebecca and her amazing team.  

To say that the women who organized this retreat are amazing is an understatement.  They created a beautiful space with nourishing and delicious food, they paid extra attention to detail in regards to the immediate environment as well as to the intimate conversations, and they provided quality yoga and meditation practices.   I think the most magical and touching moment of the weekend was the hour spent in the Mother Blessingway.

Over the course of the weekend, I connected with my baby and to a group of beautiful women.  This is a weekend I will never forget.  

Thank you all from me and baby 3.  

- Emily

Birth art....mother blessings...beautiful vistas....fresh mountain air