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Hi, I'm Rebecca! I am so glad that you've found your way here!

Having a baby is life-changing, isn't it? From the moment you learn you're having a baby, a new world begins to unfold before you. It is a journey that is both exciting and challenging - unlike any other you embark on.

So that's where I hope to come in - as a member of your village. Whether it's on your yoga mat at one of my retreats or prenatal yoga classes, or in my Birthing From Within childbirth classes, I promise to do my best to guide you, support you and listen to you.

My passion and calling is this. It is guiding parents back to their intuition, to their own story, to their own true knowing. I believe that everything you need to know to birth yourself as a parent and to birth your baby is already inside you. Let's work together to discover just what that is!

My mission is to provide offerings that support parents to become the most confident, self-compassionate, loving versions of themselves that they can be through mindful birth + yoga classes, retreats and one-on-one guidance.

New Year’s Day Yoga Celebration for Mamas!

at the mama’hood Denver

January 1, 2019 from 11a-12:30p

Do you want to live more intentionally in 2019?

Do you have a desire to slow it down, to take in every moment, and to invite in more joy and simplicity?

New Year’s Day is a perfect time to complete your reflection on the year that has passed and to go inward, get quiet, and set your intentions for your new year. We will use the ritual of meditation, a strengthening and relaxing yoga practice and journalling to connect your mind, body and heart with your true hopes and desires for the new year.

This annual class will include a fun and mindful yoga class, thoughtful discussion with your mama community and time to really look at your hopes for the year to come.

Come steep in the wisdom of your heart and nourish your most auspicious desires for 2019.

Investment: $20.00 if pre-registered /$25 day of class, includes yoga + meditation class, healthy treats, and warm tea.
Registration is limited to 15 mamas. You can be pre or post natal. Please bring a journal!

How might I support YOU?


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Mama Retreats

Find out more information about the Embracing the Mother's upcoming retreats.

Enjoy unique yoga, meditation and mindfulness retreats designed with mamas' needs in mind!

2019 ETM Retreats are being planned!

Next up: Sedona, AZ, Steamboat Springs, CO + MORE!


CHildbirth Classes

My offerings include 4-week Birthing From Within Childbirth Preparation Series and one-day Express Mindful Birth Classes!

Wondering about my childbirth classes + my philosophy about birth?

Listen to my Recent Podcast interview on The Femtastic Podcast

about my classes, my approach to childbirth preparation and how much I love normalizing all things birth!

I recently got to speak at length about childbirth classes, Birthing From Within and what I believe about birth and the changes I would like to see in how we speak about the birth process!  If you are interested in learning more about me and the way I approach birth preparation, go have a listen!